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…Because we believe it takes more than finance to truly change a future

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Who We Are

At its core, the Tshepo Trust is a community upliftment project developed to empower the tertiary education students of South Africa. Setting us apart is our focus on wholesome development, with our team nurturing the lifestyle requirements and personal advancement of each of our beneficiaries, alongside their academic needs.  

It is this which creates lasting impact, with our mission being to bridge the gap between the socioeconomic position of our beneficiaries, and their hopes and dreams.

Currently we support 18 beneficaries, all of whom stand out to us because of their passion and devotion to rising above their underprivileged backgrounds.

Our Pay-It-Forward Philosophy

Instead of asking our beneficiaries to pay back their funding – we rather encourage each individual to actively contribute to the future of South Africa. Typically, this is either achieved through taking up leadership roles within their fields, mentoring other scholars, or assisting family members and community members in finding employment.

Our Programmes

Financial Aid

As an exciting new feature to the Trust, we are launching a monthly Donor Subscription portal. By signing up for this monthly donor subscription, hardworking individuals who know what it is to hustle and graft have an opportunity to give back in an easy and rewarding way.  

Let's Talk Mentorship

Over the years we have learnt that financial support is simply not enough to assist our beneficiaries in reaching lasting success. Personal development in the areas of communication, life skills, etiquette, sense of agency, and professional interaction are absolute essentials in being able to present as respectable, capable, and trustworthy within the work environment.

Putting the FUN in Fundraising

Over-and-above these exciting initiatives, the Trust is going to be hosting a range of fundraising events throughout 2021. From our well-known golf days, to our bridge events, merchandise sales, virtual runs and more.

A Massive Shout-out to our Commercial Donors